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Showing at DVG Show Stables

We attend both local and national rated horse shows throughout the year. We believe that showing should be a fun and educational experience that allows you to demonstrate the skills that you have acquired.

Horse Show Fees

Day fees at all horse shows for horses in full training: $60 per day
Day fees at all horse shows for horses not full training: $100 per day
  • Includes all professional rides and coaching on any day at the horse show.


Setup fees at horse shows: $100 per horse show
  • Cost of putting up the setup and the use of all provided horse show items.


Grooming: $60 per day + tip
  • Paid directly to the groom at the horse show.
  • All horses will be included equally in expenses incurred at horse shows and these expenses will be split equally. An open check for these expenses made to DVG Show Stables must be submitted before your horse leaves for the horse show.
Service fee: $50
  • A service fee will be assessed if DVG has to pay any expenses of the owner due to a failure in writing checks for braiding, hauling, or horse show office fees.
  • Varies on location


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